What Is Today In America | Today's and Upcoming Holidays in the USA

What Is Today In America | Today’s and Upcoming Holidays in the USA

What Is Today In America? March in America is a month full of special days and changes that everyone looks forward to. It’s not just about marking dates on the calendar; It is about the feelings and actions that this moment brings into our lives.┬áHere we explain What Is Today In America in 2024.

Upcoming Holidays (March 2024)

March 4, Monday

Casimir Pulaski Day: This day honors Casimir Pulaski, a hero in the American Revolutionary War. It is celebrated in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

March 5, Tuesday

Town Meeting Day: In Vermont, this is the day when towns meet to discuss and decide on local issues. It is a public holiday.

March 8, Friday

Maha Shiva Ratri: A Hindu holiday dedicated to Lord Shiva, celebrated with fasting, prayers, and vigils.

March 10, Sunday

Daylight Saving Time Begins: Clocks go forward one hour to increase daylight hours. This happens in many parts of the US.

March 11, Monday

Ramadan begins (provisional date): Beginning of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims. The exact start date depends on the sighting of the moon.

What Is Today In America? Holidays Today in the United States

March 17, Sunday

St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrated around the world, it honors St. Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints. People wear green and celebrate Irish culture.

Evacuation Day: A public holiday in Massachusetts commemorating the day British troops evacuated Boston during the American Revolutionary War.

March 18, Monday

Evacuation Day Celebrated: Massachusetts celebrates Evacuation Day when the 17th falls on a Sunday.

March 20, Wednesday

The March Equinox: The official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

March 24, Sunday

Palm Sunday: A Christian holiday commemorating Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Purim: A joyous Jewish holiday commemorating the rescue of Jews from a plot to destroy them, as described in the Book of Easter.

What Is Today In America on March 25, Monday

Holi: A Hindu festival celebrating spring, love, and new life, known for its vibrant colors and festivities.

Maryland Day: Celebrated in Maryland in honor of its founder.

Severed Day: Celebrated in Alaska to honor the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

March 26, Tuesday

Prince Jonah Kohio Kalanianawal Day: Official holiday in Hawaii honoring Prince Jonah Kohio Kalanianawal and his contributions to the people of Hawaii.

March 28, Thursday

Maundy Thursday: Christian festival commemorating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

March 29, Friday

Good Friday: A Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus. It is a public holiday in many states.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day: A day to recognize and honor veterans of the Vietnam War.

March 30, Saturday

Holy Week: A Christian day on which the body of Jesus Christ was laid in the tomb.

Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day: Wyoming honors its veterans.

Doctors Day: A day to appreciate doctors.

Vietnam Veterans Day: Celebrated in Delaware and West Virginia to honor Vietnam veterans.

March 31, Sunday

Easter Sunday: Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Cesar Chavez Day: Celebrated in many states in honor of labor leader Cesar Chavez’s service and advocacy of labor rights.


1. What is St. Patrick’s Day and when do we celebrate it?

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th. It’s a day when people celebrate Irish culture with parades, wearing green, and sometimes enjoying Irish food and music. It is named after St. Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland.

2. What is special about the first day of spring?

The first day of spring, also known as the March Equinox, occurs around March 20 or 21. This day marks the beginning of spring in many countries. On this day, day and night are almost the same. People are looking forward to warmer weather and blooming flowers.

3. Why do we change the clocks in March?

Daylight Savings Time begins on the second Sunday in March. We move our clocks forward one hour. This means we get more daylight in the evening. This is done to make better use of daylight and save energy.

4. What is Ramadan and why does it start?

Ramadan is a Muslim holy month of fasting, prayer, and contemplation. Its date begins because it is based on the lunar calendar, which is about 11 days shorter than the solar calendar we normally use. It begins with the sighting of the new moon, so the exact date may vary.

5. What is Purim, and how is it celebrated?

Puram is a joyous Jewish holiday that usually occurs in March. It celebrates a biblical story where the Jews were saved from a plot to destroy them. People celebrate by dressing up, sharing food with friends, and reading the Easter story, where the miracle is described.

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